Saturday, October 8, 2011

Terminal Bersekutu Selatan

Ever you heard about this terminal? located at Bandar Tasik Selatan. The easiest way for you to go here is by KTM. It was my first time. and like all first timer, they get nervous. Like seriously, i even called my friend and ask her how to buy the ticket. -.-" padahal kaunter punya lah banyak. #sorry cik lai. 

I can say that the terminal are so freaking

see the bold and big letters. it shows that it's really awesome. It feels like i'm in airport. seriously. So starting from today, i will only take the bus from BTS to go back to JB :')

and my 3 and a half hour of journey back to JB are awesome. The bus are like the 5 stars bus. can i grade it to 6 stars?

I'm back home in JB right now. and it feel good. i guess home is the best place for therapy :)

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