Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mix and Match

I saw her picture once in someone blog, sharing about shawl tutorial. So i pass it away. Not planning to really read about her. Then later today, i saw her face again. I can't remember where, but when a person that involve with the world fashion, i'm excited. I REALLY AM. i don't know, lately i feel that people will feel confident about themselves based on what they wear. I love to watch fashionista mix and match the cloth. Even some people think that this mix and match stuff is weird, but for me it's cool. People like me for example, love to see this kind of people dress their self up, and i'm not lying to anyone, i did try myself to be one of them.

Hold on to this person. her name is Dian Pelangi :)

Mereka menutup aurat dalam masa yang sama mereka ber'fashion'
Tak salah bukan? :)

I love to copy their sense of fashion, the way they dress themselves, what type of cloth that they bought, how they fashion it with their shawls of tudung. They look so beautiful and at the same time they follow the islam rules :') I'M IMPRESS.

So this is what i'm doing. I'm stalking them. Not as if i stalk their life or whatsoever. -.-" their sense of fashion. I've been talking about her earlier on my blog. 
DIAN PELANGI <----------. please click
I've been sitting on my bed and stalk her blog for like hours, even though i'm so freaking sleepy, in just can't stop looking into her picture. pfft -.-" 

she's so pretty , i adore her a lot. :)

She will be my revision how i want to dress up myself from now :')

p/s: I CAN'T BELIEVE SHE HAVE THE SAME AGE AS ME. -.-" and she's married. pfft


Nur Syazana said...

How come she is married and yet still thin? ohmaiiiiii

fatinlullaby said...

kannnnnnnn -.-"