Monday, October 10, 2011


I'm just not ready to get hurt again by the same person. By you. You were my past and i don't mind for you to come crawling back to me even as friends. I don't feel weird at all because my love for you is sill there. Always there. But I'm not ready to cry over you again an again. Now, i start to miss you badly. Waiting for your text. At least a 'hye' will bring happiness for me. Can you see how bad my feelings for ya? 

I hate it that i miss you so much, I hate it that i'm waiting for you to take your move on me even though i know it's impossible, i hate it that i feel so badly wanting for us to spend some time together. Like old times :')
#flashback hurts.

Watching you from a far away distant even though through web cam just already make me the happiest girl on earth. Just imagine how happy i am if you're in front of me :')

I just can't giving up on loving you. What i am now is all because of you. 

Ya ALLAH, kau tabahkanlah hati ku agar aku dapat terus hidup dengan cahaya hidayahmu. Tabahkanlah hati ku agar aku masih kuat untuk memperbaiki diriku dan menjadi umat yang lebih baik. :')

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