Sunday, September 18, 2011

At some point, giving up is not a bad idea.

You know what, i try. i did try hard. to be just like you all want me to be. But sometimes, situation change things up. And i'm cursing to myself now # cursinggggggg. Keep doing those same mistake make myself look stupid. Hoping for something that actually not even there. NOT EVEN CLOSE TO BE THERE. Surrounding just sucks. With all those mash up feelings. 

About where i really stand. i mean, in this world. as a daughter, as a friend, and as a person in someone life. Sometimes, this stuff just piss me off, and shame on me, i did cry like a baby after that -.-" #girls are emotional okay. and  maybe, i'm too sensitive. pfft. But still, being in the state of insecure like this really challenge my emotion. I can't even fight with my own ego. i failed. a lot of time. damn you ego. you're weak. 
i guess i just need to be strong for myself. if it's not me, than who will? :')

Annoying people that keep showing they are good enough even they are not. No offense, but people do talk. and i hate when people start to talk bad around my back. So i guess, it's okay for me to judge you back. For what had happen between us, one day i wish you know what's really happening around you. either people just being nice to you or they really like you for who you are.  

i miss writing in my blog. i mean, about fun stuff. upload some photos about what i recently do in my life, about my new room. but i guess life are to hectic for me right now. let me clean things up okie dokie.

Works pilling up on my head. i guess this is what life is all about. toddles.

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