Sunday, September 18, 2011

Arrived safely

A very long or maybe not to long of weekends, i spend it by eventually go to my cousin wedding back in Melacca. Bringing along Yatty Ismail. Makan banyak sampai cirit birit dibuatnya -.-" Sorry and thank you for being there for me. :'D i have fun. You accompany me to do some shopping for myself, we 'jog' all over mines , from wearing wedges and end up buying facebook and you tube slipers for our self. Then you came to Melacca with me and met my family. It's just something to be remember. 

That is how i spend my weekends people :) 

p/s: thanks for being a good listener.


yatty ismail said...

sama-sama sayang..hope xserik nk aku teman lagi..ngeeee~~

fatinlullaby said...