Wednesday, August 24, 2011

terim kasih aunty, nnty raya masak lagi :)

this is the person that i really wanna thanks for yesterday :)
Aunty Aida and Uncle Sayed 
both of them are my best friend parents, Syed Muhd Firdaus.

Thanks aunty for the wonderul iftar last night, it was wonderful. Actually, i was joking about asking aunty to cook spaghetti for me. and yet, she actually cook for me yesterday. It was sweet of her actually. we have a splendid time together. We talk about her children, about uncle, about my family and all, it like a daughter and mother moment. :') 

their family is already a part of me, Syed has been best friend with me since high school. almost 4 years of friendship. so i guess i want this to actually stays like that forever. best friend forever. and mangkuk, i want you to know that i want to see you happy. be grateful and good luck on pursuing your study in medic. insyaALLAH, ada rezeki jadi lah kau doctor. jgn lupe kawan pulak. sapa-sapa pown kau dgn, aku tetap bahagia untuk kawan. that's what friend are for right bro? :)

owh and aunty, uncle. THANK YOU FOR THE SURPRISE.
and my favorite  one is this :')

i'm happy for now. just don't try to ruin anything okay :')

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