Saturday, August 27, 2011

Just by a single text

Just by a single text from you, really change how i feel for you after this very long fake relationship.
i'm not going to take other girls happiness. NO, been there, and it was the biggest mistake ever in my life. And karma hit me bad really hard. Maybe i'm into that kind of trouble because i know i will never had any commitment to any guys. Yes, i runaway from all of this because i'm tired of commitments in relationship. i'm giving myself rest for a long time. let myself drown with my future life. more important future life like job, and how i manage my life in future. my old relationship thought me a lot of things. and the really bring big impact on me.

p/s: if he love me, he will understand :') kan bulat. 

hidup ni panjang lagi, banyak benda nak belajar. i just don't want to rush over things. i'm 20 years old and i don't really figure what i really good at. See? let me enjoy my life will first. explore the world. make a lot of friends. ada rezeki nak belajar kat tempat orang. Luar dari Malaysia. nak pegang salji. Make more mistake and learn something from the mistake.

mati-mati aku ingat Ahad ni nak raya -.-" rupanya minggu depan. pfft

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