Friday, August 5, 2011

crapping about my day

it's Friday. kejap je an dah nak seminggu kita puasa. i just want to tell everyone that i feel kind good in my life few days later. i don't know why, but i just feel okay with myself. to tell the truth, dulu kalau nak pergi solat tarawih, memang berat lah badan sebab masjid yang ibu ajak pergi ni, imam dia baca surah panjang-panjang. but this time, we all have our tarawih at the nearby surau. tak sampai berapa minit je jalan kaki :) Alhamdullilah, setakat ni aku rasa seronok sanagat bertarawih :') insyaALLAH, full.

people said that you can't run from your life crisis. IT'S TRUE. nak pergi mana? how far you run from your problem, one day it will come back to you. i have the same routine everyday since i'm at home and stop working. 

wakes up around 12 -.-" #pengakuan berani mati
start jadi maid dekat rumah. #UNPAID MAID FYI
do the laundry, vacuum the house, mopping. you know what house stuff is. 
and when the clock strike 5 p.m, i'm like a rat. running back and forth inside the house, searching the unpleasant view so that my mum won't start her lecture on ' HOW DIRTY THE HOUSE IS' -.-" 
like i said, it's a routine. everyday. and now, i'm going to sit on the same lecture for another one month. includes Saturday and Sunday -.-' pheww. 

but i guess being at home is something serenade. where you can actually be the inside a warm loving love with no limits and rules. see, my little brother is kinda pain in the ass, he love to make me cry everyday. -.-"
 he said: bila kau nangis, aku rasa mcm satu kepuasan. #grrrrrr. but still, i love him no matter what. kata darah daging. 

back to the crisis thing. i know my blog is sort of like a personal diary to me, but this is not a diary. it's a blog where people from around the world can read it. notice that a long time ago -.-"
dulu, kalau aku rasa marah sangat, aku akan tulis je dalam blog ni. lantak lah orang nak kata apa. but see, i learn from my mistake few years back. people start to judge on what you write you know.
having a blog do really help me cope with life. it's sort of a best friend to me. i'm thinking of making a new one but i'm in love with all my follower :* they've been here supporting me since few years back. how could i delete every single of them. nak private pown mcm tak best. baik tulis diary sendiri guna notebook biasa -.-"

another way i cope with stuff is i told my problem to the people i care. #doesn't include parents. close friends perhaps? the one you can really trust and he she will always be there for you. you know who's the best person for that right now don't you?

last but not least, duduk atas tikar sejadah lepas selesai solat, mohon doa kepada yang bagi kita nyawa. die lagi tahu apa yang terjadi kat kita, dia sorang je mampu ubah masa depan kita, dia sorang je yang boleh bagi kita apa yang kita mintak kalau kita tak putus berdoa :')
percayalah, tanpa dia, siapalah kita. jangan pernah putus harapan nak hidup. 

sebab setiap yang berlaku ada hikmahnya.THE ONLY ONE KNOW'S THE BEST FOR US.
don't stop praying for it. insyaALLAH :)

p/s: having the worst headache ever. maybe because of the low blood pressure :'( sakit wey. 
p/s: Colbie Caillat is awesome :)


gadees spek mata said...

fatin...sme la waktu bangun tdo...hikhikhik...;)

fatinlullaby said...

hehehe. high five sikittt :P