Sunday, August 14, 2011

apabila shopping bersama warga berumur.

my mum wakes me up as early as 8 a.m in the morning just to ask me and my aunt to accompany her to do some shopping. but it's her way of shopping. you know when old people start to shopping. guess what they bought? 

ye lahh, kata nak raya kan. -.-"

and the worst part is, they are 5 of us, me , my mum, my dad, aunt lena, and my grandma. wait, it's not the worst part, the worst part was, WE WENT SHOPPING IN KLUANG, quite far from the city and WE WENT THERE DRIVING AUNT'S LENA MYVI CAR.
hallooooo, it's myvi, bayangkan macamana kitaorang sumbat barang-barang tu sume. -.-"

fine, still can't imagine huh?
just imagine, the total of kerepek and biscuits that they had bought is more or less RM 400. the flower didn;t take a lot of space. but the carpet. OMG! selamat carpet tu boleh lipat, kalau tak dah mati lemas rasanya. 2 large carpet and one medium size. INSIDE A MYVI. -.-" owh, did i mention mum bought 3 cartoon of large carbonated drinks?

 inilah dia bila warga emas mula bershopping sakan untuk raya. 

selamatlah citra mama masuk bengkel. kalau tak rasanya dengan pakistan carpet tuh die nak bawak balik (bak kata nenek)

but still, it's kinda the best day of my life # i guess. i went back to my adopted family back then when i was in this OPKIM Ayer Hitam programmed  held by UKM people. they didn't expected us at all because it's a sudden visit. and i came back home with a lot of rambutan and i get a piece of materials . belum jahit lah :) but still,  it's wonderful.

so that is how i spend my Saturday with my family :)

still not feeling well, after yesterday 'Simpang Renggam --> Ayer Hitam --> Kluang' trip i was exhausted.i mean, being crash down with carpets for almost 2 hours in the car. you can tell how i feel don't ya?

p/s: my face look like a fishball -.-" 
i upload this picture of me in FB, and i make me start a conversation with a friends of mine. and we end up having plan eating steamboat together. insyaALLAH ada rezeki kita jumpa k.
p/s: i don't really know her that well, we even don't know each other outside facebook. see how easy it is easy to just built a friendship :) zank youuu fishballs. haha

p/s: happy Sunday everyone. xoxo

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