Saturday, July 30, 2011

still breathing :)

to have the things that you really want in life is not that easy, you must have fun, work hard enough, and take it easy. that's what i want to say about my holiday job for 3 weeks. at first i was this close #showing a small gap with my finger , to give up on working. on my fist day, i almost fainted and vomit a lot of time. so i seek some advise from some friends and one of them is Saidah who help me get through this a lot. planning to change my handphone early this semester. MAYBE. or maybe i can use that money to so some shopping. urmm. going to write a list for this. and count some budget. :)

job was fun, being a canteen helper, a kindergarten and standard one teacher and also my mum personal accountant. it's a wonderful experience for me. maybe not a once in a life time. but it's something to be cherish.

i have a standard one crush. trust me, if he is old enough to be my boyfriend, i will be the first one to ask him to be mine. seriously, he is so cute :) have i told you that there's two of them. HAHAHA.

awwww, i miss them already :')

3 weeks work, everlasting memories 

talking about chance. i'm having a very tough time giving myself a chance to be free. i mean, a different kind of free. letting myself to not be afraid of people from the past. i want to be involve with things that i miss so much, but i kind of afraid. maybe afraid of commitments. maybe i'm comfortable to be a single lady :) 
this sort of things really need time to think. no need to rush when it comes to life. we need to make decision wisely. once you make decision, it's impossible to find the undo button, moreover delete. i want to make sure that the next step that i take is something real. not making stupid decision and regretting in future. i'm not sure with what i really want in life. all i ever want is to make people around me happy. that's all. i want to make a lot of friends, and be with the people that i really care. see, single is not that pain in the ass. yes, you will felt lonely and those shit kind of feelings that you feel you want to be crazy people sometime. #i do sometimes. but people hormone, especially mine are not that stable. especially on that sepcial day in every month -.-" #having it now. and i assure at the moment like this, you felt that you want to be hold and be pampered with care and love. that is how i feel. but i can say that it's impossible for me to get in now. so i control my own feelings. it's not that hard. single people out there. be strong. i can assure that being in a relationship is also as hard as being single. right? :)

who said i need to be with a guy where i can be with these awesome girlfriends of mine :)

thanks for the wonderful date girls. ily :)

p/s: Harry Potter was awesome, Yana's said that his son look like Justin Beiber. haha. wonderful movie. there goes my childhood memories. :')

so it's Ramadan already? Alhamdullilah. berjumpa kita lagi. thanks to Allah for giving me this life so i can still be with my love one and insyaALLAH celebrate another Syawal with them. all of them.  :')


enjoy this weekends melody. baby by Faisal Tahir. 

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