Friday, July 15, 2011

last kiss

we shared a lot. from memories to tears. i can say that most of the time i'm with you and without you my world is just not at the right way. when i'm down with life and work. eventually every night you will be there for me, make me smile even tough i'm so freaking tired .all i ever wanted to end my day was sitting next to you and talk to you until the next morning. :')

terima kasih sebab dah jadi sebahagian hidup saya, terima kasih buat saya rindu awk setiap hari, terima kasih sebab selalu jaga saya, terima kasih sebab sudi bagi saya tumpang kasih sayang awak, terima kasih untuk semua. 

i will crave into my heart and it will be there, stay and it can't be erased, everything that you have done to me :')

the best moment that you love, i will remember that.
you call me gorgeous every morning, i will remember that.
i love the way you smile, i will remember that.

awak buah hati saya, saya tak kan lupakan awk. awk ajar saya erti pengorbanan. sekali lagi.

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