Saturday, July 16, 2011

it's a lazy Saturday

if sacrifice teach you how to be strong, being strong you will. 
if heartache teach you that love is not everything, you will not die because of it.
if life teach you how to be yourself and not change a thing because of the people around you, so don't change a thing.

you people are smart enough to think that you don't need to be sad about guys or life, you people are strong enough to let go thing you love so people could have a better life and so do you. remember, this is just a temporary feelings.

 it's called temporary , sooner it will go by itself

don't be afraid, you're not alone. there's a million people like us out there. some worst. 
focus on what is important the most first. your life is now a priority :)

p/s: hari ni hari rehat saya. and trust me, when i said rehat, i really to rest a lot. all i do is sit on my bed and browsing through facebook, twitter and i wrote 3 blogs today. one more to come later tonight i guess. degan tak makan lagi. pfft -.-" . memang tak kan pernah puas dengan hidup kan :') belajar bersyukur fatin.

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