Saturday, July 16, 2011

inspiring people

what with her? why did she look like this? 

i just love how she arrange her sentences in her blog, her artwork that is photography. :)

i'm starry eyed, and full of dreams and heartache and longing. i'm fragile and breakable. the sky is not the limit, i aim for the heavens - beyond the galaxies, endless light years away. i believe in happiness and love.

i am heading in a different direction, and i may lose support along the way but i'm walking towards where i need and completely want to be. i'm learning that mistakes are okay, and each one is a lesson. i don't regret, and i'm letting go.

i hope you enjoyed this photo story. best served with hot tea.

written by her on her blog 

i don't really know her. actually i found her at her lookbook account. you know lookbook, where people take shoot of themselves with their sense of fashion. i just make one for myself. not because i want to upload myself posing wearing awesome outfit like these people in lookbook. i make an account just so i can follow and give me inspiration on how they dress themselves. very impressive and inspiring the way they dress up actually. and most of them are surely youngsters who love fashion. i'm not into these fashion thingy that much. i just want to actually get something from them, i mean, i have tones of dress, skirts, just say nice cloth that i don't really know how to fashion it up. i want to feel great when i'm wearing anything and i want people look at me differently after i dress up. not showing off kind of way, just i want to look fashionable :) haaa, fashionable, the right word. 

trust me, you don't want to open this. it's empty. haha

you see, people sort of look so much better when they actually dress differently. yup, first impression of people towards you is how you dress, and second of all, it's you attitude. so dress well, people will felt comfortable being around you and in addition , your proper attitude. 

well, see. next semester will be around September. just waiting the September to arrive is killing me. not physically, but mentally.  things just happen. people just come and go. one day the love are so burning and the next day the fire sets off. enemy become friend and the other way around. it makes me think very long to do what at home. when at work, i felt it is so hard to do any of the job. i rather go back to UKM where my friends are the best thing there. studying suddenly feel awesome. pfft.

things just change, and maybe i need to do some adjustment to myself. my attitude and the way i treat life. i need to change my mind set. those horrible stuff that is happening to me now, in the past and for sure the future is going to effect my life for good. 

new mind set: whatever happen, look at the better view. they just happen. and don't make yourself felt horrible about it. why don't you take the good effect and drown yourself with it. waste the bad feelings. you make yourself terrified with life. you control your own mind and feelings. yes it's hard. sebab soal hati dan perasaan kan. sometime we can't even bare to hold on much longer. but people, you don't have other choice. you don't. it's not a negotiable stuff. :'D

so, there it goes. something i wrote early on the Saturday morning. 
enjoy you weekends people. 

and please, go watch the last chapter of Harry Potter.

i'm waiting my turn to watch this next two weeks. after i get my second salary :)

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