Sunday, July 10, 2011

believe it or not. i bake. :)

actually, this was my first time baking on my own. remember i used to post about syaza making her famous puding roti. so here's my turn :) 

the making :

the result :

p/s: i did edit the colour of the puding a bit :P

but hey, i did it. i taste it a bit before it actually went into the refrigerator. mum said it was too sweet, but nahhh, my taste bud is different than her's. mine's a teenagers taste bud. we teenage love sweet things. :)

one way to cope with stress or depression is baking. :) 

actually, the main point is, you can decide to less care about your problem and out your head in another better things to do. yesterday, i drive crazily on the road on my way to grandma's house. today, i baked a bread puding for my family :') it felt wonderful. you should try it.

owh, and if you want the recipe, just ask me okie dokie 

i felt much better today. tq 


sarah mohamad said...

sedap nyaaaa. yummy!

Nazrul Izzat said...

hantauu laa satuuuuuuu trayyy....

mira razali said...

gud job my student hahahaha