Saturday, June 4, 2011


1 June 2011
late night dinner after taking the mid semester entrepreneur exam. discussion for the group assignment, and celebrating Cik lai coming back to UKM for the OPKIM trip :)

ni pose wajib :)

3 June 2011
overnight hangout at the Putarjaya area, having late night dinner and some group photo for memories. *the car that we rent are until 10a.m on that day, so we used it wisely by taking it out for a ride and spend a wonderful time together. :'D something to be remembered. 

they all are one of the reason i still breath till today and forever :')


ikan said...

sakan na hangpa semua dok joli .. btw.. miss uols alott .. :(

fatinlullaby said...

:') rindu kat abg jugakkkkkkkk.