Saturday, June 18, 2011

it's a routine

when it's study week around the corner, it will be a routine for every student to be a lazy ass. as if they start to ignore the important of the tidiness of the room and start focusing on books. for me, breakfast is not on my list. my dinner is sort of my lunch and late night snack is compulsory. 'jajan' is a must-have-on-my-table list . owh, and introduce you my favorite lunch and dinner *fast way. INSTANT NOODLES. it's kind of a drug for me during study week -.-" #tak nak sakit lagi :'( 

so it's a routine people, this is how my bed, study table looks like. One thing that people need to take note. i usually get sick of warm fever during study week. it's a habit. -.-" kadang-kadang demam teruk. notes all over my place, redaksi work cathing on it's dateline before presentation in LANGKAWI and not to forget the pressure on the 2nd year of my study on this September. still putting on a very high hope on majoring in Accountancy :')

i want to be okay for myself. i will be okay. insyALLAH. wish me luck on these journey on life will you :')


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