Tuesday, June 21, 2011

people on exam week :)

ON SUNDAY, i met Ery Taleb. sort of my fb friend. :)

his identity need to be kept secret. orang famous lah kate kan :) thanks abg Ery bawak saya lunch. Good luck on you game on 23th. if i free i datang k. owh, his a rugby player fyi. :)


die macam oxygen aku masa exam week. selalu marah aku, buat letih aku hilang, buat tension dan dia jugak yang menghilangkannya. itu dia SHASHA RAZALI :)

she maybe look fierce but she's awesome. and beautiful :)

today, around 8.30 a.m, i will be sitting on my second last paper or second paper for this short semester.
wish me and all my peeps luck okay? :)

burn the candles up UKM-nians.

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