Tuesday, June 21, 2011


yes i'm trapped. i want to get loose about this because i don't feel good at all. sometimes, when i sit with you and start act like everything is fine, actually it is not. i can see deep in your eyes, those lies, our lies towards life, we play trick with life, who knows it will haunt us back one day? i want to stop playing this game because i don't really feel to know how it's going to end. everyone want to win this. i'm maybe a type of person that always raise the white flag. but when i think deep about it, it's the old me, the old quite stupid of me. i still am. just look where i standing when it come to boys. i suck. do you know there's a type of girls who willing to do anything to make people happy even she had to hurt herself? i'm maybe one of them. making other people smile is sort of my priority in life, seeing them happy makes me happy, and a big yes if i say i might sometime cry getting hurt for what i had done. but wth, it's worth it. #mind set. and i'm used to it. you can call me loser, pathetic or maybe stupid. but this is me. my biggest weakness in life. i blame myself for treating myself like this. oh my oh my. what i had done to myself. 

#i miss how is it like to be in love with someone who i want to be really falling in love with. 

p/s: hp out of service. topup kering. harap maklum :)

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