Monday, May 9, 2011

there's always an answer

this is not only focused on relationship,we can make it much wider view actually. 
sort of like things that we're never meant to be yours, something you really want in your life, and not having it's just kills. i know how it fell. everyone does. Not all of us can't actually own what they have been dream of. and it hurts to know that you really don't have the chance to get it eventually. 

i always believe in hopes. always. trust me, when it get hurts more and more everyday, i just don't give a shit to give up. because why? i just believe in hopes and dreams. I believe in second chance. I believe that everything happen for some reason. And sometime i just don't give a shit about it. Maybe because of my tense life and stuff that i had been doing. Seeing people in relationships kills me. I mean, those smooch thing that they done to each other. i will said that " hey, i miss that " . but in some point it's just. WTH  :)

like i always said to myself. it's okay, things just going to happen without any warning. so just be prepare 

p/s: and starting from now, i will like to write my blog like this. writing it all horizontal length is eating the space. try it for a few week. 


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