Monday, May 30, 2011

swipe me blog :)

I've been  doing my student stuff, living my life as a teenagers, having fun and all. Times are to fast for me right now. Things just happen, and now, in few minutes i need to be at class early in the morning *8 a.m :) i don't know why, but i guess when world goes around, we ourself just do things. i mean, things just so we can stay alive, those daily life thing, bla bla bla, anything that you do as long as your breathing. Mine is in hectic. i don't know how to say, but it's kind on the climax zone. things just strike up towards time and the only thing i'm afraid is when they strike down. the suffering scares me

i barely don't have time to update my blog :') 

i need to chill a bit. gtg, post more later. praying for something good to happen every steps that i take to continue my journey of life :)

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