Friday, May 27, 2011

gempakz trip :)

25th May 2011, lawatan sambil belajar ke gempakz studio 

it was fun and very educational i can say. haha. my first trip with the crew, we went to Gempakz Studio located at Bandar Tasik Selatan.

look at their reading section 

you can read all the comic that the Gempakz publisher had publish in the market.
i wish i had this kind of section at home. it will be wonderful to be in a reading area like this :)

then the conductor of the day 'kak siti' brought us for a tour around the building 

THEY ARE ALL TALENTED, and i wish i can suck their brain XD

korang minta tak baca bulu lawak kampus?

i never know him, but this is him, and in some kind of ways, i felt inspire just by observing him doing his sketch.  

i'm not that excited about this trip but it's kind of a job. jadi nak tak nak kene buat jugak lahhh. :)

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