Monday, May 23, 2011

all good things meant to be ended

give me time to rest, give me time to breath, and i will tell you how it felt to be me, sitting at my place, wearing my shoes, and felt is it hard to be me? i tend to break easily with words with action because i have feelings, just like everyone is. nobody can really fell how i fell because deep inside me, is not to be read, seen, or heard by anyone either than myself. so back off if you tend to destroy me, because life had destroy me hard enough. don't make it worst, because i suffered enough because of my own attitude and people hatred.

 i hurt myself after what people had done to me, i still wanting them so bad that i even don't care about the scares that they had made on me. people said 'life move on', but i said, 'life is still going to move, but i still going to drag the pain with me, even it is hurting me, but i want it to be the reason i stay strong for myself, compare what i used to be, what i had to be, and what am i now.

yes, my mood is now swinging side to side because i'm having my first day of pms. planning to skip class tomorrow, just the morning class. redaksi job, here i come. it is pretty much a fucked up week for me. so don't dare messing with my head, because i'm now in 'not in control' kind of feelings. beware. bahaa, 

penat la weyy. bebel je aku ni. haha. fuhhh2, tiup sume laman web sosial sikettt. i'm back on the line people. wuhuuuu XD. ZzzzzZZZzzzZz

p/s: people said i look different, which part is different? yes, i admit that i look much uglier in reality, *damn youu webcam image. but heyy, i'm still me, not using fake picture or anything. and again, damn you editing programme  for making my picture look better.

selamat malam semua. :)

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