Friday, April 22, 2011

i'm going to date myself today :)

left me only one paper for this final exam,
so i guess before i finally go home and have enjoy some time in JB,
i went for a shopping later today,
i bought my self a BEANIE !

like i said, i usually spend myself alone here in UKM, 
like ariff asked me yesterday, so boypreng ke?
haha, nope :)

i went for a movie, have a walk inside the mid valley and the gardens, MPH book stores, window shopping,
you know how girls shop and entertain themselves in a time like this :) 

this attracted me!

i swear that this playboy perfume smell so good!
if you buy a bottle of the perfume, you will get the car above!
okay i lie. haha XD
there's some promotion for this new brand of perfume from playboy product. 
the sale girls are so hot. they dress up as a bunny -____-"
playboy = bunny 

it's not a "must go watch this movie" kinda thing,
i recommended you guys go and download this movie,

I've planned to watch never say never,
but i guess i'm going to watch it with my babes back in jb :) 

so as usual, MPH, HERE I COME :)

and i search for this !

arghhhhhhhhhhhh, justin *.*

this book is so inspiring,
mom, i need extra cash for this :P


i'm totally agree with you baby, ekh, bieber :P

takeaway MCD for myself and KFC for my roommates :)
and we ate together as soon as we i got back in UKM 

done! i get my entertainment at last. weeeee. and i'm so happy :)

looking forward to do this again maybe in the middle of my 3rd semester classes on holiday.

heading to the library, last paper awaits me. 


ciklai laily said...

oitt jalan tak ajak! haha
cantik ar header kau..:p

fatinlullaby said...

adik kau an datang hamek barang. hahaha XD
aku g pagi tadi, balik ukm dalam kul 3. kejap je.
aku jumpe sue. saing die smpai bndar tasik selatan.

nak aku buat header tuk kau x?

ciklai laily said...

NAK!!!! hahaha..
tulahh td mal cite jugak..awal jugak kau pegi tadi ek..?ade jumpe artis tak?haha..

akuwanblur90 said...

just first time datang jenguk blog anda.. hehe terjumpa semasa tengok mencari gambar "rindu awak" dekat google. nice entri. keep it up

fatinlullaby said...

hahaha. boleh jeee. hadiah hari jadi ekh :P
kau nak ape je dalam header kau?
nak ada gmba ape je?
cakap2, aku buatkan :)
awal lah, nak balik awal. x nak aku bersesak naik ktm ptg2.
artis? hada la annn. orang panggil aku yuna ader lah. BAHAHAH

fatinlullaby said...

awww, thanks :)