Saturday, April 23, 2011

i felt so lazy

mood : sangat malas, nak tido, lapar, x nak belajar

reality: i'm going to have my last paper on Monday and i don't felt like studying 

dreams: i really want to get A for this subject, go back to JB for holiday, and drive my parents nut!

more dreams: having a fantastic time with my bitches, drive mom's car, and just have fun for the 5 day of holidays.

what sucks: 5 days of holiday huh before i start my 3rd semester. grr 
and this random shit are happening in my life, just can't get a clue what i'm going to do with it, with these people, with my life.

i just hate my life sometimes. 

p/s: i'm just to excited to show all of you my new beanie but i really don't have the mood for myself.  
enjoy your weekends peeps :)

i need a lot of food to boost me up,
get me this, and i will marry you. XD

look awesome right. melts me now.

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