Sunday, April 24, 2011


sumpah dah nak muntah belajar etnik ni. urghhhhh
i don't really think that we need sit for the final for this subject,
nonsense lah!
maybe you can grade our final by giving us more assignment and group activities or whatever,
but sit for an exam for this subject? i really think this is not necessary!

sakit kepala aku tau, dah tak tau macamna nak masuk lagi. 
i felt like this subject is harder than my statistic paper, just sucks.

but i guess i can't do anything than just sitting on my bed or wherever i am and start digesting all of this etnik stuff.
 i'm not really looking forward to meet this paper again in my life,
not even close to reading subject especially it involve history or WHATEVER.

owh, i'm looking forward to post a blog about something happen lately,
but i really need time for myself with this final paper for tomorrow,
so wait, trust me, it's hurting me since the day it's happening to me.
maybe i look fine, i sound find, the way i reacted to you,
you may seen that i may look okay, trust me, i'm not,
you yourself can figure it out, but you are too stupid to figure out yourself,
i'm nothing to you, and you're something for me,
 i guess i just can't be there for you anymore,
it hurts.

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