Sunday, April 17, 2011

early post

you're not going to stop me for achieving my own dreams. i really don't mind if you're not a part of it.

just wakeup and done with my subuh prayer,
i guess I've been thinking a lot about things that happening in life,
stuff that actually in my head but didn't really happen in the reality world,
and deep inside, i felt that i'm fighting for my own life,
things are never going to be okay if i always have the negative mind set,
support seems never been there for me,
no wait, there are, but you can see the different between someone being so happy with the surrounding,
and someone suffer so hard just to fit in,
i guess i'm in the second one,
to tell the truth, i hate my life,
but hey, this is all i got,
take it or leave. 
so i assume that i really don't have other choice than just to live in it.
life hard,
nothing is easy. 

tomorrow is the day,
killer paper for the semester,
i guess that my knowledge about statistic before i actually start studying for the final is like 30 % out of the whole semester i'm in class * hear the sound of wind whosing in my brain. empty. pfft
i can make through this,
i must, 
whatever it takes, nothing going to stop me,
is not worth it if i give up now,
I've been far and deep enough in life,
why i need to stop,
there are many reason to move on than stop,
this is not a life if it's easy,
you live in it,
you know the price. 

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