Wednesday, April 20, 2011

don't disturbed me today

like seriously, that bitch just ruin my day,
and today i get my PMS, owhhh great. just awesome.
i didn't eat for dinner, todays breakfast, 
and planning to make myself a cup of hot milo for lunch, 
my day are just going to be fine, 
like all the unusual day i have,
Alhamdullilah, i didn't cry all over this misery,
i just felt like i really need to calm myself down,
if not me who will? pfft.

so please, just don't make it worst,
i'm sick, tired, heartless and don't even try to mess up my head today,
because i don't really don't want to deal with you anymore,
to tell the truth, i suddenly hate you. 
just get the hell out of my life bitch,
those respect for you,
are no longer there,
i just hate you and the people around you.

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