Thursday, April 21, 2011

be grateful

nampak happy tak? nampak tak? HAHAH

seems that few post behind me, i was to emotional with a lot of stuff,
maybe because of my PMS moment, my bad :)

so here it is, 
haaa, i guess my blog really is all about my heart feelings huh?
kinda bored don't you think?
seems like nothing fun happen for me this few days,
it had been weeks my exam had started,
so nothing fun to do than studying, being emotional . and there's nothing fun to share with,
i'm not the type of blogger who left their blog a very long time because of their busy life,
no heart feelings, but blame me for fulling your dashboard with my post XD
it's just that i must actually post a blog, check my facebook and twitter account, reblog tumblr, just anything,
it felt like i must complete my day with all of this. haha.
wait until i'm having my short sem, owhh, by that time, i will like post a blog once a week maybe? 
or the vice versa, posting blog every half and our? pfft.
wait and see. :)

motivation time :) 

to tell the truth, i'ts not that sad to be lonely,
sometimes , i felt i'm grateful for being alone, 
but hey, everyone need partners, i guys i just need to wait my turn, sound desperate huh? haha
bukan tak laku k, if i want a boyfriend, trust me, suddenly my single status in facebook can change to in a relationship -_____-" 
it's just i'm not ready for any commitment, my life are suck, so i'm not sucking out the happiness of the guy that is going to be with me. haha
i'm fighting for my own safe zone here, 
safe zone as if, a feelings of secure and stable,
it's life people, we just can't run from problems, it's like a daily routine for us, duhh
so fight! don't let it haunt you like it did to me few days before,
FIGHT! fight for you're own happiness
you won't loose a thing if you fight for yourself,
don't stop, because once you stop, you will fall down hard,
and you need a very strong feet and hard to stand back up and fight,
life hard, sometimes people said it's easy, like a piece of cake, 
buy a huge cake, take that cake and smash that cake on the face of the person who told you that 
that's in fairytale people, those happy endings, falling in love and suddenly something bad happen, bla bla bla,
you know how fairy tales end,
for us in REAL WORLD, life bleeds!

to mr "who do you thing you can do whatever you want to my life"

i'm doing this to myself.

today i will be having my 2nd last paper,
Academic Communication,
and English subject,
please pray that tomorrow the weather will be okay,
i need to get some entertainment for myself ! badly! urghhhh

now i'm happy, but one thing that can make me felt sad so bad is :

have a great life everyone, don't felt down about yourself,
all of you own a great life in your own way,
all of us have problems that we all need to deal with,
so fight, and don't give up :)


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