Wednesday, April 13, 2011

4 more to go

just left 4 paper to go,
and one killer paper, STATISTIC *with a horror soundtrack as the background!
like seriouslyyy, statistic and me don't really have the chemistry, 
maybe a bit, better then history for sure,
terima kasihlah dah tak ada subjek sejarah. but still, the "hubungan etnik" subject is more likely like history,
but i can handle that,
after this semester, buhhhbyee to math, and what-so-we-call-"subjek menghafal"
the reading subject are still there, 
in life, we just can't run away from reading habits,
it's in our blood human. pftt -______-"

it's been a very tired and lazy week for me,
i'm lack of entertainment,
i mean, i'm craving myself for a movie to watch,
what is the latest and awesome movie in the cinema now huh? 
i need food, serious food,
i can say that i ate the same quantity and type of food every day,
i miss mom's cooking :'(
and when it comes to junk food,
i really need real junk food,
not typical crackers or anything,
i need MC DONALDS,
like seriously, just by writing it make my stomach grumble.

SERIOUSLY, in critical time like this,
food is the best source of energy for human,
especially someone that eat a lot like me. *gemuk lah aku. -___-"


with cheese?

spicy deep fried chicken? make it extra rib.

or maybe just a simple food, junk food?




i can't have even a single of this food above, what a pathetic,
owh i just wish that the MC DONALDS is just outside my room,
i will be the most happiest girl on earth,
like seriously, I'M HUNGRY, really hungry -_____-"

and i just can look at these picture

owh i wish i have a boyfriend now and ask him to buy me these food,
better, make my day and bring me out tonight for some better dinner other than eat here inside UKM. pfft :(

owhh, i'm in love with this song,
and i don't mind whoever singing it,
as long if it's sound nice,
i will enjoy listening to it,
tittled jar of hears, originally sang by christina perri :)
this is the cover from najwa latiff,
a very talented girl! 

dedicate this song to you dear mr.
but still, my heart are now crush, and i'm not the same girl anymore,
i don't trust people easily now,
i guess people just change,
and i want to make sure i change for a better and promising future :)


teeha said...

fatin buat saya lapar ;(

fatinlullaby said...

kannnnn -____-"