Tuesday, March 29, 2011

this is also my photoblog :)

I've been ignoring  my passion about photography,
you know me with my tight schedule and all,
i just leave all my other passion and hobby aside for a while,
final are just coming around the corner,
two weeks in counting -_____-"
but still i haven't really prepare for myself.

currently : saving money to buy a new DSLR.
yes! i really want to own one,
using my own money.
MISSION : to own D90 by the end of me being a 3rd year of an "accounting" student. bahaa :)

enjoy my work :)
do comment, i still need to learn a lot more about photography!

last practice for tomorrow competition :)
need all the luck!


sherah said...

competition ape?

fatinlullaby said...
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fatinlullaby said...

tarian laa. ICAF :)

Azmie said...

hi.. err~ sy tgh cr2 pic D90, terjumpe blog awk lak.. err, maaf yer.. ape pown, hrp2 cpat dpt d90.. hehe~ sy bru 5 hari pakai d90, best jgak.. sile tnjuk ajar ye ;)