Friday, March 11, 2011

there's goes my days :)

it kept me thinking how am i going to start this post :)

everyday, just like usual,
time just goes by,
like it will never stop, even just for a second,
to let me breath and let me digest what i had done to myself.

class, skip class, dance practice, 
nahhh, just as what i usually do on other weeks i guess :)

actually, everyday is special,
you meet new people,
learn new things,
do something bad,
no nothing,
cry for stupid stuff,
have a wonderful time with friends,
old memories just coming back,
this is for me.

if we could just let our mind running,
everyday people fall in love,
people fall out of love,
people fight,
there are so much things to list,
and sometimes, we just set our mind,
why are mine are so boring,
so dull,
why am i alone,
why i can't be like them *these happy and lucky people.

i guess, all we need to do is just ________ ?
kept doing what you're doing,
over and over again,
get hurt, just get hurt,
are you afraid of living in this harsh world?
are you afraid of people hating you?
are you afraid of things will always fall apart?
just let it be,
in this world,
there will a;ways be the side of what we call white and red
* white - nice place to be.
*red - full of hatred and pain
so choose your own pathway,
maybe being in red sound lovely, and being in white is safety,
but for me, being in both is the best,
just mixed this two colours and you will get PINK :)
and pink are just so awesome for girls like me. HAHAHAH. XD

just be a normal person,
who except every challenge in life,
and make it as a push up,
for you to be a better person everyday :)


bakso! originally made from my hometown i JB pleaseeeee!

OREO CAKE from secret recipe! please?

 *mom! i really need transportation here in UKM, why don't you just let me drive the citra. grrrrr

have a wonderful weekends people,
and CONGRATULATION to our UKM - Selangor cricket team going to finals for the

i'm really hungry now, and i have dance practice in less than 30 mins.



sarah mohamad said...

oreo cake gituuu tak boleh tahan, please nak jugak . plissss ? hihi

fatinlullaby said...

hehehe. sedap annnn :)