Friday, April 1, 2011

MARK ZUCKERBERG creation -___-"

i'm addicted to Mark Zuckerberg creation

and all of the above.
but still, the most is __________

Facebook -_________-"

dah deactivate dah petang tadi,
siap post blog lagi, *bawah ni je,
semangat nak deactivate sebab nak exam,
tapi last-last kalah gak,
sebab dah addicted -___-"

i guess facebook are one of the dangerous drugs that even kids can play with,
it does not risk anyone health,
but peoples mind and brain! CRITICALLY 

sapa-sapa ada addiction killer pill for facebook?

my charger for my laptop is facing a big problem and i can't open my laptop,
i'm using my room mate charger now,
but she's going back home tomorrow,
and i'm stuck here in UKM until Sunday before i actually can go home,
i'm stuck here because of my Malay dance exam for the festival seni tari,
i'm going to perform on this Saturday,
and i just can't wait to be back home on the next day,
seriously :'(

i learned to live half alive :)
* sudah selasai :')


saadah ismail said...

sis also ketagihan macam kamu nie!!!

fatinlullaby said...

wee :) sep sikit