Saturday, March 5, 2011

i want to be at home.

being at home is like the best thing that happen to my life,
and maybe to all out there right?
i just can't explain it how happy i am being at home,
the smell of being at home is an aromatherapy for me :')
the sound of my siblings fighting around,
my mum keep nagging at me for not playing in the rain & drive so fast,
she kept pushing me away from my laptop so she can have her turn to online,
my dad sing while washing the car and do the laundry,
and my youngest brother kept shouting and shouting fighting with me!
he shows his brotherly love. awww XD
grandma came for an overnight talk with me tonight,
she's sick, but still, she miss me and came to my house instead of me going to her house :')

being at home is just perfect :')
and i really don't want to be back in UKM tomorrow,
3 days felt like just 3 hours :'(

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