Saturday, March 19, 2011

happy birthday baby :)


happy birthday sayang :)

the story starts,
when the first time i know her from facebook,
i guess this is the only person that stick with me so long in terms of a facebook friendship,
to be exact, a girlfriend :)
i never thought that this friendship will last till now, and i guess forever. kan babe? 
so, on the first time i know her,
we shared a lot of heartache,
those heartache about breakups, family crisis, friends and all,
we shared it all,
from A to Z.
we never meet each other actually,
but by visually in skype. YES :)
phone call. YES :)
we had planned once to meet each other, but things just pop up along and we don't have the chance to eventually meet each other,
to hug each other in reality ,
to eventually talk about each other eye to eye :')

to tell the truth, 
lately, i've been busy with dancing and all,
sometimes, i just don't have the time on my own,
to do something that i actually enjoy,
i kinda neglected my friends, family, study just to focus on things that i'm doing,
i'm sorry babe, i'm so sorry :'(
i can't even had the chance to sing her birthday song,
worst, i wish your birthday like very late,
i'm your friend, kinda close one,
and i guess i'm hoping for myself to be there for you, 
eventually make you smile on your birthday,
even from a very veru very long distance :'(
i'm really really sorry,

here's a pray for you, from me :)
*tadah tangan nak baca doa!
Ya Allah, 
kau semoga panjang umur teeha, 
dimurahkan rezeki sepanjang dia menjadi hamba mu,
tabahkan hatinya untuk menghadapi segala dugaan dalam hidup,
ketenangan apabila melakukan sesuatu untuk meneruskan kehidupan sebagai seroang remaja sepertiku,
kuatkan iman, diberikan cahaya hidayah mu,
kesabaran dan kekuatan hati,
dan yang penting sekali Ya Allah!
diberikan jodoh yang baik,
tang dapat memberikan kebahagiaan kepadanya,
didunia dan diakhirat.


baby, happy birthday,
remember, that i will always be there for you,
it' just things are not okay for me,
and deep in my heart, even we are far away in distance,
but i'll promise you,
we are actually sitting next to each other, holding hand, and hugging tightly,
so that you felt secure with me,
and you;re not walking in this harsh world alone,

i love you. always. happy birthday!

with lots of love,
nurfatin nadiah

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