Wednesday, March 23, 2011

berat turun 3 gram XD

YES! even it's just 3 gram. haha
from 56.1 -----> 55.9 :)

*weight matter is important for us girl you know!

i was on diet before, but shockingly, my weight just kept increasing and increasing -____-"

so I've decided to stop diet and just eat like a monster
at least i start to eat rice back for lunch,
just stop taking dinner,
and kept eating just food if  i felt like to munch something,
so this is the real me,
a girl who ate a lot,
and just don't care about what people say about her,
maybe i do concern about my figure,
but surely not my weight :)

*dancing does help!

today, i felt much better. tq :)

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