Friday, March 25, 2011

beanie :)

i'm craving for this kind of hat ,
it's called BEANIE :)

i don't know why,
but i guess it's a type of hat that suitable for girls to wear,
not all girls love to wear hat,
so i guess i just to obsess with wearing one ,
and so in love with this type of hat,
not only girls can wear it, guys to :)

i saw once, a shop selling this beanie,
but that time, i was short of cash in my wallet,
i kinda look a lot of time, in a lot of stores for this beanie,
but i tell you, it cost quite a lot,
some shop sell it for about RM70,
it's not even worth it,
but this particular shop in MID VALLEY sells this beanie that cost only RM30,
and i'm going to buy it as soon i have time for myself,
after settling down with this dance competition and all :)

i don't mind what colour it is,
as long as it's beanie, it's okay with me :)

i wish the shop still there :)

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