Wednesday, March 9, 2011

alhamdullilah :)

trust me,
i'm getting better day by day.

currently: lawatan pengetua ke bilik :)
wanna see my room?

the green would be aida's bed,
and the yellow it's mine :)
trust me, it will never look as clean as this if there are no reason to keep the room clean enough -___-"

the awesome roommate ever :)

trust me, i have a wonderful life here,
things happen for a reason,
people change and bring impact to others,
and i just don't ever give up in life,
especially towards my own life :)

thanks for all the love and cares.

bersyukur dengan apa yang ada,
yang bukan untuk kita, mungkin ada hikmahnya,
hargailah apa yang ada, mungkin dalam masa yang terdekat,
siapa tahu, itu juga bukan milik kita :)


sherah said...

mimpi ape kau pompuan pakai tudung tu!woi bilik sape tuu

fatinlullaby said...

cantik x? comel annn. HAHAH
bilik aku la gile -_____-"