Wednesday, February 23, 2011

we can do it

nahhh, the dance team,
Kolej Aminuddin Malay Dance Team,
count us please,
compare to other college,
i guess amin will be the less people in one team. trust me.
to tell the truth, our college is not the type of "kebudayaan kolej"
even for my curriculum, the student that take malay dance for this subject that represent my college is just me and ika * a friend of mine.
just imagine, the whole dance studio is full with girls and guy, 
from a lot of college,
and it's just me and ika dancing together in a corner like a stranger =.="

i wish a lot more people in my place want to join this kind of activity,
ever heard words " the more the merrier? "
nahhh, if only guys here can't dance. 
at least 3-4 guys from my batch, 
that will be awesome. *just a dream. for now :)

girls, we can do this okay?
we will work hard on this,
even it takes only 4 of us to dance :')

kepada ketua tarian abadi kita,

mal :P * promote ni
nak baca blog die, cari la dalam followers saya ye. kekeke 
insyaALLAH, we can make through this :)

owh, and here a promotion. cewahhh.
drop by her blog,


nah laily, mesti follower kau naik banyak lepas ni,
kau kene bagi aku commission tau. XD HAHA.

she's one of the dance member too,
still fresh in this,
but deep inside i guess,
she have the talent, and she can be better in time :)

nanti laily, tahun depan, sem depan turn kau lak ajar budak-budak menari tau :)
cikgu laily. cewahhh. hehe

need some sleep now,
en kumbang dah arah soh tido :') imy
and you did say i look that i loose some weight. weeeee. HAHA :p
about my face, that is an issue,
i just don't know how to un "tembam" it =.="

good night readers :) xoxo


Cik Lily said...

fuiyooo..ade gmbr aku la....! T_____________T terharu aku weyh... isk2.. nk nges r gini..thnx fatin. syg kau lebey la..huhu

fatinlullaby said...

ececece. suke ekh? nnty buat ag.
syg kau lbey gak!

.syafiqahsufian. said...

tak payah nak promote sgt ketua abadi tuhh. malu aku nyahhh. HAHAHA.

fatinlullaby said...

aku nak letak link blog kau kunk kau malu. hehehe. nak letak x mal? :P

Cik Lily said...

letak aje fatin...hoho

mal,kau nk aku promote kau jugak x?huhu

fatinlullaby said...

haaa, tunggu aku buat blog special tuk die. :P

.syafiqahsufian. said...

malu malu. HAHHAA.

fatinlullaby said...

laily, ape lagi. XD bertindakkkk

.syafiqahsufian. said...

tak payah nak bertindak sgtt. :p