Tuesday, March 1, 2011

thanks love :)

it was something i expect to happen actually,
since you've change to be someone else,
you attitude is just unpredictable,
i just can see that we're not going anywhere,
i always love you,
how hard it takes to just keep loving you,
i just love you.
but then, it's not our side to be with each other any longer,
i except it will full of broken heart,
i'm not dragging things so that my future become a disaster,
i have my own future,
i want a better life everyday,
and i guess, i need to continue this journey without you :)

and for that,
i want to say thanks,
for all the support,
from friends, family alter ego, facebook friend, just everyone in my life,
for giving me support and wonderful advise,
so that i won't become something that i will regret one day,
i am in miserable, but i guess i just need a short time to make me felt much better,
i'm being mature now,
take things more into positive side,
believing that there will always be chances in life.
i have future and dreams to fulfill,
this relationship thingy, going to wait :) 


aku nak reply msg kau babe semalam , 
kdit aku habes. kering. not a single sen in my phone. sos topup lagi la dah x der. 
babe, aku sayang kau.
thanks for the long advise,
touched me. i cry ! swear!
kau lah kawan baik aku dunia akhirat,
dati aku kecik pakai spec macam mak nenek, smpai la skunk aku dah ley bawak kete.
you're the best thing i ever had.
i may loose him, but i can assure i will never ever loose you.
:) ily

and thanks to all of you, for the wonderful advise and warm loving comfort :)

kak shairah :)

teeha and xanna.
owh xanna . thanks for picking up the phone call. i really need the talk last night :')

pika and exa (alter ego) :)

he can be a counselor i guess :P
thanks ery :)

owhhhhh, ini budak. HAHA. i just can't stand laughing every time i talk with him,
his my ex cousin fyi,
and his awesome.
a great friend i can say that :)
thank ariff for last night.
p/s: jaga gf kau elok2. hehe

ni goro, bf saida :)

haishhh, kau ni, mcm bapak aku. 
kalah bapak aku pun ada.
thanks tau bebel kat aku semalam. 
bini kau x bebel kat aku, kau lak yang nasihat. hehehe
kau kawan terbaik la :)
untung saida dapat kau. jaga dia elok2.
gado lagi aku kawenkan -_____-"


don't worry, to whoever know me well,
you guys can surely guess that i will be just fine,
like nothing happen.
I've been through this a lot of time,
so i can do it again don't i?

wound bleed,
than it will turn into scars,
permanently left a mark in our heart.

but hey, life must move on,
don't regret a thing for what had happen,
just walk, and let the pain heels itself,
i have more than what i loose,
i will be okayy. trust me :')

nak nagis lama-lama pun x guna an. benda dah nak jadi.
kesat air mata tu,
hembus hingus tu,
jalan je. teruskan hidup,
kau ada masa depan

let the time goes by,
let the people that hurt you go,
forgive them,
and let all the things flow by itself,
everything will be just fine :')

p/s: if i forget your name, please forgive me. there are a lot of people out there that give me support. 
and eventually i know not all in this world is a backstabber.
there's still love for me in this world :)

this is still not the end,
this is the starting of new chapter in life :)


teeha said...

welcomeee :)

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nasrul bonaz said...

haha black yg kacak bergaya lah !

fatinlullaby said...

hahaha. kau kenal die an. aku lupe :)