Tuesday, February 15, 2011

moving mountain

currently hearing moving mountain song by usher,
this song is about a person who never give up on someone that they love,
but the person they love don't love them as much as they do.
nothing to be thinking about,
but here i just want to say about few love story that some of my friend facing through,

like i say, few :

  • they are happily living together in a relationship, and suddenly, without no reason, they broke up. wait, with a reason, but not a reasonable one
  • the words in a relationship said it all. but the truth is, it's just a status, but in reality? are they really in a relationship? do they care about each other?
  • a girl is in love with a "imaginary" guy for like years, and now they've broke up. the good thing is, they're over it. but the bad part is, this girl are like pathetic. how can i say? ermm, she's in love with someone she never meet. and she's in misery, searching for replacement, but only for handsome guy =.=" HANDSOME! mark that
  • they both love each other, but one of them is not ready with this relationship to be moving on. p/s: the girl
  • GUY WHO DON'T APPRECIATE GIRLS. then, he kept searching for one and just can't see the girl that love him more than anything. 
nahhh, i can make this list a very very very long one. but we ourself can look around and felt the love that had been given for us, do we appreciate it?
if you don't have one, are you going to keep searching and will you one day give up on it?
or you just give up on finding one because you've tired of getting hurt?

love, do we really need one?
yes, love for ourself,
people around who cares about us,
maybe our enemy.

owhh, you mean that love?
everyone use to be in love right?
are you now?

i guess we need that type of secure,
you know what i'm saying,
especially when we see all those people out there,
you felt that,
"hey, sure to be happy to have someone to snuggle around"
"it't wonderful to have someone to share some laugh and tears"
" when you go out , and you start to sulk, that person run back to you, and suddenly you felt that you're the happiest girl on earth"

it's true! note that.

i usually went out to spend some time for myself,
especially after being a UKM student,
it's few km to KL people,
so the only place that i like to hang around by myself is MID VALLEY,
and like i said earlier,
about the "emotion" thingy,
it does happen to me,
even i own a bf =.="
*you know what i mean? do you?
p/s: long distant relationship :')

do you agree?

i just want to say,
be thankful and grateful for what you have now,
if you kept searching for stone,
you've step over the gold,
and you've got nothing,
and it's a loss :)


and today, i ate MCD for lunch =.="

*camne nak kurus, kalau mengharapkan tarian setiap hari isnin dgn rabu tu x kemana kalau makan pown x betul fatin =.="

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