Monday, February 21, 2011

mengundi awesome HAHA

i just don't understand about this politics thingy!
vote for her, vote for him, vote for GMUKM, vote for PMUKM, bla bla bla =.="
i'm not the type of person who's into this politicization like crazy,
but hey, I've done my job as a UKM student to go to the selection and vote for someone :)
Congratulation for whoever won for the selection,
and please make sure there are some changes in here:

  • bekalan air yang selalu putus! * thanks god i live at the first floor. :)
  • the line for internet are like bull sh*t! =.=" sometimes! 
  • reduce the study fee can you? because study in UKM is kinda expensive *very expensive.
  • the doggy problem. if you live here at my college, you know what i mean =.="
  • at some entertainment inside UKM. example? maybe bowling alley? HAHA. awesome!
  • THE CURRICULUM CREDIT HOURS. maybe you can cut it form 6 to 4?
  • i'm really looking forward for a bowling alley in UKM. hahaaa
the best part about having the selection today is.


but still, i have a lot of studying need to be done before this Friday and next week.
examexamexamexamexam. kills me =.=" 

no class, hot sunny day, i have my bed to myself now, ate my rice for a week today, fast internet connection, i have dance practice this afternoon and tonight. may i repeat, no class today? HAHA. awesome :)

and this is so true. =.="

got to get back to my notes people.
have a wonderful Monday,
especially for those who have class. HAHA.
*i have a very pack schedule tomorrow, good for me =.=" pfft

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