Wednesday, February 16, 2011

it's out!

and yes people. It's out =.="

i can fell the tension!
suddenly i look at my calender, 
and felt like the time is not enough for me to prepare myself,
physically and for sure mentally.

for now, i need time, and space,
so i can be strong to face through this =.="
p/s: and why i sound like it's the end of the world? *glurppp

thinks moving so fast now,
a lot of work need to be done,
and in few minutes from now,
i have my dance practice, and yes it makes me happy  :)

someone is coming to my place tomorrow <3

and yeayyyy! i'm on diet,
but i don't know either it's working or not? =.="

someone, anyone? if you see me outside,
please tell me,
do i look smaller than before? =.="

i can do this!
i can walk this life with a strong heart!

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