Monday, February 28, 2011

i am number four

this is a movie review :)

i can say that i'm kinda dumb in what are going around the world for now,
what's the biggest gossip,
this celebrity is married with who?
what's happen to the world environment,
and this is kinda suck,
what is the lastest movie in cinema now -_____-"
i studied in UKM,
and living like few km to KL,
but still, 
you all will think that i'm studying in a universities that located in a jungle maybe?
living in a cave maybe? pity me . =.="

so, this is the last movie i watch with a friend,
i am number four,
the story line is kinda awesome,
to say that it's a love story + action movie,
it's not a kungfu story,
but it's like an action movie with full of fighting,
a bit like avatar at first and a bit like a alien movie in the middle.

i guess to whoever that love to watch action movie and alien thingy,
go watch this movie,
no regret.
3 and a half star over 5 :)

p/s; thanks for the dinner, for the movie, for the wonderful night ever :)

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