Monday, February 14, 2011

hectic week!

it's going to be Monday already by tomorrow?
gosh, time is moving so freaking fast,
and my money flowing are like pfft. hahah
I've been spending like RM300 for two weeks.
this is not because i'm buying myself some expensive stuff or what,
but I've been eating outside often *blame the MCD =.="
and going out to some shopping center and spend my money not so wisely. pfft.
by then, i need to survive for a while and waiting for the "fathermotherbanking" to bank in the money. bahaha.

mom & dad, i love you so much. seriously!
p/s: increase my lunch money please. *with puppy eyes. :P

who can resist this ! =.="

serious dah x nak makan garam dalam kuantiti yang banyak terhadap kentang mcd. serik =.="
en buah pinggang, tolong la jangan meragam lagi. saya takut tau. 
dah la mcd tu satu keperluan. grrr

about weekends? how's yours?

big letter show, shows long wide smile,
and still i am happy for what had happen on my weekends,
to be exact on Saturday.
Sunday is what i call half suffered moment, because i have a mid semester macroeconomics exam and it was kinda "pain in the ass",
i did study fyi,
even thou i went out on Saturday,
and have a fantastic and a blast time with friends,
i eventually get myself to open the books and read few things,
make the "few" sounds like a lot for me =.="

p/s: waiting for the results kills me! serves you right if its came out not what you expected fatin. it's your false. =.="
saya percaya pada konsep berserah dan tawakal. :P

thanks for the wonderful weekends :)

on Friday,
with nisa and kak sha,
we went to Alamanda Putrajaya to accompany nisa to do some shopping :)
* i bought famour amos. yum yum

the Friday night with Mr K.A, 
the famous photographer,
at last, we meet right,
if you came back to Bangi again, 
please do tell me,
then you can teach me more sifu :)

and yesterday,
i meet him, the buncit and the blacky! haha
epul, at last we meet,
but still,
if you don't came to UKM yesterday,
i don't know when we will meet brother,
and your hair,
are awesomeeeee,
nanti kita lepak lagi, 
after this make sure jow are there with us,
we all try to mek time for each other okay? :)
take care of your leg buncit,
see, dah cacat. tempang sudahhh,
haha, and congratulation for the 4th place plus the "handicap" haha
it's just for a while okay. take care


picture said it all,
the happiness that you've seen,
is what i felt deep inside in me,
the happiness and laughter in a friendship,
is one of the cure for the pain in the heart and the misery in life,
they the perfection for the un perfect life i have,
nothing more than i want for them to be remain in my life.

thanks you guys, for the comfort :)
faqihhhh, balik bangi lagi bgtau fatin tau. kita lepak lagi. 
by then we have kak sha to be our talent. 

and faqih, you make her day. 
and mine too :)


muka awk hari tu buat saya takut,
saya menggigil tunggu turn nak kene check,
saya degil,
saya tau,
say x makan maggi la doctor *tipu
saya makan kentang dengan garam je. 
tapiiiiiiii, kuantiti garam yang sangat banyak,
saya x tau pulak sampai jadi macam ni,
ibu, ayah, mak, sorry akk dah susahkan semua,
pas ni x makan kentang dengan garam dalam kuantiti yang banyk,
kuantiti sikit je *maybe
ye ibu, x makan lagi salty food,
doctor kata, buah pinggang okay,
x der pape, so x perlu risau,
pemakanan perlu dijaga ye nurfatin nadiah,
jangan nak makan maggi je * pesanan oleh doctor, mama, ibu, mak, ayah, en buah hati, faqih =.="
but still, fatin degil,
padan muka. :P
fatin sehat tau, kawan-kawan jangan risau. :)

p/s: line UKM jaring memang mcm sh*t untuk beberapa hari ni.
but alhamdullilah for today.
finish the h.e assignment today, 
class end around 3 just now,
and i'm thinking when am i going to start study for my statistic and other subject for my mid exam.
my microeconomic exam is something to be remember =.="
wait and see for the result.

till then,
ZzzzZZzzz * what a sleepy day today :)

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