Saturday, February 5, 2011


ALLAH bagi kau kebahagiaan, sebab nak mengajar kau bersyukur,
ALLAH bagi kau dugaan, sebab nak uji tahap kesabaran kau,
ALLAH bagi kau kesedihan , sebab nak tahu tahap kekuatan kau,
ALLAH sayang hambanya, ALLAH ampun kan dosa kau, walau 
besar manapun dosa dan besar manapun kesilapan kau.

i care about you, always,
wanted the best for you,
and i never give up on you,
even not a single moment,
sometime you're such the pain in my ass,
but hey, your my girl, my best friend, my eternal love,
even i don't know you that much,
but we slept on the same bed,
eat on the same plate,
wash our dirty laundry in the same basket,
i always want you to know,
that no matter what happen,
i want to be there for you,
and you must know,
that you're the only person can change your life,
don't lie to yourself,
don't fake,
i just don't want you to make a big mistake,
because you're such a beautiful girl,
and you can be more than people expect you to be.

ily, always my friend. always

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