Monday, February 7, 2011

always be my love

this is the post,
i write,
directly after i send him back home,
i mean, back to his study place in batu pahat,
and for sure,
i felt awful,
deep pain in the heart,
it's not because we've been fighting or anything *i guess,
but i miss him already,
the distant between me and him just kills,
which couple in this world does not have the same feelings when they are far apart. LIAR =.="

i have this confusion inside my head,
i mean,
i have this doubt in my heart that i guess i'm not ready to tell the whole wide world i'm ready for anything,
what thing,
it's just my kinda of problem that i'm not sure who am i going to turn to and tell. thats all.

back to the topic,
i miss you already,
i guess we both are so tired by the Malacca trip yesterday,
with insufficient amount of sleep,
both of us for sure!
going out today and mingle around like yesterday is impossible,
maybe for you,
i was hoping for more of your attention today,
but i guess i need to be more understanding and patient than i thought,
we didn't take a single picture of us since i meet you this holiday,
and i just can't believe it,
owh wait, i have one. * the picture of you with your silly-mouth-open-pose =.=" 
and it's ugly, and i'm not considering to put it here,
haha, how ugly you are sayang, you're still my baby :') 

thanks to some people,
this list of people,
mesh & bush
pika & amin
for the wonderful company,
with love and bunch of thanks to you couple for being there for us,
i mean, taking us out and all,
you guys know the story :)

to my dear akhmal ini roslan,
thanks for the wonderful short CNY holiday together,
every single seconds that we spend, 
i will cherish as the most wonderful time i will ever save in my heart,
yup, every single of it,
those pain in the ass, those criticizes that you gave to me,
which one you ask?


you said i'm fat. pffftt =.="
fine, saya diet! seriously. grrr

my hair issue
i need to do the treatment a.s.a.p

attitude issue
what is the problem? i just can't see where this is going? =.="

 p/s: the high lite issue is really going to bring a big impact on me sayang. seriously =.="

so sayang,
thanks for the wonderful time, i love you.
every single breath that i take,
i will do whatever it takes to love you back,
if only we have this moment of silent,
i wish i would that you,

that you're important to me,
you're my everything,
i love you,
and always want to be in love with you crazy laugh and dance,
yup, you're crazy body shacking and mimic face =.="

you've tried so hard. i know, i know :P

i just hate it and love everything about that at the same time sayang :D
i love you. always love you,
whatever it takes, 
promise to you,
that i will try as hard as i could to make this relationship,
the last relationship that we will have.
can we?
you did said:

"ALLAH dah tentukan, kita hanya merancang"
ye sayang, i hold that words :')

ATTENTION: all those picture are the old picture that i took on our first date,
because i don't know why i didn't take any picture on our second date. seriouslyyy =.="

his back,
i'm back being a busy busy busy student,
a lot of things need to be focus now,
assignment, presentation yada yada yada, you know what it is,
life issue is going to wait,
love crisis? nahhh, we have no problem with this,
evebtually things will be just fine.

peeps, gtg, it's kinda late,
i'm going to sleep now,
and wake up kinda early to be ready for the academic communication presentation at 12.00 p.m today
wish me luck!
and wait for my post about a guy named Anwar Hadi!
 funny and the way he talks, just influence me to speak English like him.

night love :)


Nur Syazana said...

haa now you're in a long distance relationship and you know how hard it is right? you eventually gonna miss him like every second and gonna merajuk if dia tak layan kan kan? haha. be strong babe. jgn layan sgt perasaan gedik perempuan tuh okay? plus jgn pk bukan2 psl dia. nanti sendiri yg sakit. I'll pray that both of you gonna stay forever. InsyaAllah :)

fatinlullaby said...

yaaaaaaaaaaaaa. :'(
i guess yours hurt more. xanna seberang laut, fatin seberang highway je. arghh :(
aah aah aah, we need their attention but they are like duhhhh zombie =.="
haha. okay, being gedik is not necessary for a long distance relationship. CHECKED.
awww, thanks xanna. aminnnn :')