Monday, February 28, 2011


please state your future planning after graduating with a Bachelor in Accountancy degree

this question above,
just reflect my future few years from now,
like i used to say before,
that being a accountant is one of my dream,
if i'm taking this course for the whole year being a student in UKM,
i will be one of the most luckiest girl in this whole wide world i told you :)

but taking accounting in UKM is another story,
we need to past few exam,
not an exam actually,
one of it is interviewing.
owh wait, before that, we need to fill a form and make an essay.
yes, and English essay -_____-"
the question is state as above

and here's my essay :)

and we need to photocopy some of our old certificate in any curriculum activities that we use to enter before,
from school, matriculation or any event before and after entering UKM :)

wish me luck please people,
pray for me,
i really need this,
i mean, it's not just a ambition for me,
it's about my future
my family future,
i'm the eldest, and i want to be a model to my other two little siblings :)

i want to change my family future,
and also,
be something that can actually make my parents proud of me :')

form - SETTLE,
next will be, i need to score my second semester results,
so i can achieve better pointer,
and push my first semester pointer and fulfill my dreams,
hope i can continues to the next phrase,
being interview,
and hope i will be interview by my own accounting teacher,
En Fairuz :)

wish me luck okie dokie :)

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