Sunday, January 16, 2011

places i want to go

bukit ampang 

broga hills

if only i have the braveness of making my own journey to these place,
owh, it will felt so great,
it will be my fullest satisfaction,
shoot some nice moment,
and it will be perfect if i can share it with the person i love to be with :')
i watch people go here,
spend some times with their love one,
just by looking at their picture,
i can felt their happiness of being there,
share some laughter,
i just wish that my turn to be just like that,
it's just around the corner,
no rush, i can wait :')

p/s: awk, balik  kl nanti bawak saya datang sini tau :')


mirasaje said...

pegi lah bukit ampang,tempt tu munk nice.byk kapel2 kat situ,,syokk,,,hhahaha

fatinlullaby said...

bnyk kapel? hahahah. tunggu fatin ader bf ekh :P