Wednesday, January 19, 2011

now you know how i fell

you will never know the truth :')
flash back what i had promise to you,
I've stay strong enough to hold on to it,
maybe too long.
i'm in pain, and i want you to know that.
"i'm the type a girl who hold promise as long as i can"
"i don't easily hate people for their mistake"
"i'm letting things go because i know i'm strong enough to be the girl that i can be proud of one day"

and i know from the start i knew you,
you are stronger to face this world,
even life hard on you :)

for you. SZ 


Nazrul Izzat said...

jgn blas dendam..
lantak pi jer

fatinlullaby said...

hahaha. x balas dendam la.
letting it go slowly :')