Monday, January 3, 2011

it's a rough Sunday

" i called you not because i want to hear you get mad at me, 
told me this, told me that,
do this , do that,
have you transfer the money to your account thing that you have been dragging me to do since i'm at home" 

i call you because i need my family when i'm all alone here,
i need that comfort talk form you guys,
your the first thing that ever came through my mind when things here are not fine with me,
i need those love that sometimes i just watch people life and say 
" hey, why is my family are not as yours"
"your mom cool"
"you take picture with your mom in crazy faces, NICE"
"you go watch movie with your mom"
"what a great holiday you had there"

why it's so hard for things to be just nice between us,
even just once,
i love you,
all of you,
and i miss you all,
and i just don't want to make things worst at home,
that's why i'm not going back,
and that's why i prefer talked to other family nicer that i talked to mine.

wipe it fatin, it's not worth it.
they are not here to know how you really fells,
how's life going on,
how's your friends are doing,
have you done your homework or not,
no, she are not asking that fatin.
but you must know,
deep inside her,
deep inside everybody way at home,
they still love you,
and want the best from you.
remember that. :')

i miss you all. i am. and i always wish you guys knew.

i'm doing some study now,
finishing my tutorials,
a lot of tutorials,
statistics, macroeconomics,
haven't start to do some revision,
account, account, account.

i'm in bangi now,
i mean, outside,
having late night junk with some friends,

and one girl name mimi, it's pikas' friends :)

so it's getting late now,
i mean me being outside from UKM,
tomorrow i have class around 12 and i really need to do some revision on few subject.
MUST =.="

i can't believe this =.="

about 34 people read my blog per day =.="
huuu, nice :)
there's even readers from Switzerland :D
* dear people, sorry for my broken English that i'm using on my blog 
it's felt delightful to have readers from all over the country :)
thanks for reading.

artist of the week

a fine frenzy. how unique is that name huh :)
she's a great singer and also a piano player.
i download her album yesterday,
and kept shuffling into her album,
sounds soothing :')
touched my heart in her few song. 

today's is a hectic day,
a lot of things happen,
from good things to bad things,
the emotion are like hurricane =.="
i'm okay, no worries :')

need to really open my book now. REALLY =.="
i kept repeating the same command since the early story.
gtg then :)


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